Enalos Cloud Platform

Democratizing Access to Data Driven, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Models


Enalos Cloud Platform, developed by NovaMechanics Ltd, is an online, freely available cheminformatics and nanoinformatics cloud platform, that hosts predictive models released as web services.

The flexible and powerful cloud computing resources, lower the barriers to entry to complex scientific calculations.

Consequently, Enalos Cloud Platform reduces the amount of time spent by scientists in referencing disparate sources of data and aids the computer-aided drug discovery, materials design and patient stratification decision-making process.

Several predictive models, based on open source and in-house algorithms and software, are already available within the Enalos Cloud platform, including models for nanomaterials toxicity, biological activity and properties evaluation.

Through Enalos Cloud Platform a variety of state of the art modelling tools for the hazard prediction and risk assessment is available through a user-friendly environment, especially designed for non-informatics experts.

Finally, through Enalos Cloud it is possible to make any model available under the technology of Software as a Service (SaaS).

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